FLP Microprecision GmbH - Deutschland - Accessories

We supply replacement and wear parts for all market established machines from the following manufacturers: Stähli, Wolters, Wenzky, Melchiorre, Lapmaster, JOKE, Speedfam.

Our articles are produced exclusively by selected suppliers and manufacturers to our specification with ISO certification.

They are subjected to a constant quality control and are continuously adapted to the latest development standards and technical demands.

You profit from our know-how in all relevant sectors of industry for which we also have to thank our innovative tool and suspension research as we also pursue research and development in our own in-house department.

Overview of accessories (extract):

Lapping wheels and trueing rings in special lapping castings for all technological applications,

Diamond and CBN tools for customers and process specific applications,

Individual machine modules and extensions

FLP Microprecision GmbH