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As a system provider we offer the necessary accessories, tools and consumables for your fine grinding, lapping and polishing machines and machining processes.

The consumables, tools and accessories which we offer are drawn exclusively from certified manufacturers and suppliers and are optimally attuned to your fine grinding, lapping and polishing processes in our trialling centre.

Our professional advice and the high quality products guarantee the faultless functioning of your machines.

The actual lapping medium consumption is dependant on the number and weight of the pieces worked as well as their effective lapping surface size. The used lapping medium dropping from the lapping wheel is led to a reservoir via a catch channel.

The lapping sequence of course effects not only the removal of metal from the work piece but also from the lapping wheel. In addition, a desired abrasion is produced between the lapping wheel and the trueing rings which guarantee the constant evenness of the lapping wheel.

The material of these parts, however, has been selected for FLP lapping machines such that there is only a minimal – and technically necessary – wear pattern.

FLP Microprecision GmbH

FLP Microprecision GmbH

FLP Microprecision GmbH