FLP Microprecision GmbH - Deutschland - SERVICE + TRAINING

Our service also includes seminars in our works in Zörbig as well as training on site with our customers.

The seminars are mainly held by the owner and Managing Director Thomas Rehfeldt himself. As a participant, more than two decades of experience in fine grinding, lapping and polishing will be imparted to you.

These events offer you and your employees the opportunity of permanent development in the area of fine grinding, lapping and polishing engineering, impart the fundamentals of this technology and pass on valuable know-how directly to your machine operators and engineers.

Our compiled and published technology guide in addition to comprehensive training documentation are unique in this form and are of great benefit to further training in the machining of fine grinding, lapping and polishing processes and are state of the art.

The training contents are individually compiled.

FLP Microprecision GmbH