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Single-wheel machines

The FLP SINGLE PRECISION series is a machine series for implementing fine grinding, lapping and polishing technologies in all materials and a broad spectrum of dimensions.

Proven designs and long years of experience in precision machine construction have been constantly refined in the development of this FLP series.

The modular construction enables customer orientated solutions to be provided economically – from the standard execution to special machines with high-end solutions and automations.

SINGLE PRECISION – the fourth generation

The fourth generation FLP SINGLE PRECISION series is distinguished by a modern design, an oscillation and vibration-free base frame as well as an adjustable loading table with optimised ergonomic standing workstation requirement.

Pneumatic load units, ultra-precise dosing systems, loading and offloading units, positive drives, adjustable working wheels, PLC controllers for process optimisation and control with program storage, load increments, cooling and effective temperature control, filtration and special design customer solutions can all be provided as options. Technical data for the SINGLE PRECISION single wheel machine series…  

The most notable features of the single wheel lapping machine are the integrated control column, the ergonomic operability and the barrier-free handling even of sophisticated plants. (DE/EN/RU)

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FLP Microprecision GmbH

FLP Microprecision GmbH

The most distinctive features of single wheel lapping machines are the integrated control column, the ergonomic usability and barrier-free handling.