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Regardless of the type and size of your fine grinding, flat honing, lapping or polishing machine – we carry out process and technology orientated function and general overhauls such as:

replacement of sub-assemblies for which spare parts can no longer be supplied, retrofitting of automation such as programmable logic controllers or replacement of materials with more wear resistant types, for example rustproof steel, in addition to the utilisation of frequency inverters with electrical drives to increase efficiencies, e.g. energy saving.

The advantages of such a general overhaul are:

  • Improvement in the quality of the machined work piece,
  • Safe cmk and cpk values for SPC-led processes,
  • Increase in the productivity of the machine,
  • Deployment of a PLC with integrated measurement control,
  • Graphic illustration on the touchscreen with simple operator guidance,
  • Increase in efficiency through the use of loading and unloading surfaces,
  • Manual loading machine with cycle control,
  • Cost savings – up to 40% against purchasing new and shorter delivery times against a new machine.

FLP Microprecision GmbH

FLP Microprecision GmbH