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Lapping machines are to be found in our following FLP series:


A one-sided working machine, therefore often called a single wheel machine.

This machine series is for executing fine grinding, lapping and polishing technologies in all materials and with a broad range of dimensions.

The fourth generation FLP SINGLE PRECISION series is distinguished by a modern design, an oscillation and vibration-free base frame as well as an adjustable loading table with optimised ergonomic standing workstation requirement.

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A two-sided working machine, therefore often called a double wheel machine.

High chip removal volumes, highest levels of surface quality and dimensional accuracy, short process times and reliability due to sophisticated optimisation –- the fundamental advantages of this series.

Fine grinding, lapping and polishing on high precision double wheel machines with the highest degree of rigidity and oscillation reducing structures are what distinguishe the worldwide newest concept of the FLP HIGH PRECISION modular series.

The patent application by Herr Rehfeldt rounds off the innovative character of the machine construction concept.

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FLP Microprecision GmbH

FLP Microprecision GmbH