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Acting responsibly

Think of tomorrow today! In times of scarce resources and against the background of global efforts towards improved environmental protection, we also are confronting new challenges which have to be overcome.

Sustainability is the principle for dealing with the use of resources by which the preservation of the fundamental characteristics, the stability and the natural regeneration capability of the respective system is at the forefront.

Our goal and aspiration is to bring the wishes of the customer, the protection of the environment and cost effectiveness into harmony with nature.

As early as the design phase of new machines we make a point of environmental protection sustainability.

The use of long-lasting components, the reusability and recycling capacity of the components and materials as well as energy efficiency are fundamental aspects of this.

We operate on the basis of ISO 14001

The international environmental management Standard ISO 14001 establishes globally recognised requirements on an environmental management system and is part of a family of Standards. Our environment is important to us! Which is why we place very considerable value on slurry or oil separators. From 2016 we will be our own power supplier with a modern combined heat and power plant.

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